TEARs - Popstars made in Switzerland

On November 11th 2001 Sunci and I started a new community: www.t-e-a-r-s.com. A place where TEARs fans can meet and chat.

But just who are TEARs?

As Popstars Projects ((O-Town, No Angels, Hear Say...) emerged in many countries worldwide,  it also came to Switzerland. The TV Station TV3 auditioned 1'250 girls for the swiss pop band. In the end only 4 girls made it:

Tiffany, Evelyn, Amanda and Romina. From their initials the name of the band was formed: TEARs. Their first single "M.U.S.I.C." immediately shot to number 1 in the Swiss charts. No swiss band ever managed to do this. Their second single "Dreamin'" went into the Top 10. Soon after, their first album "en rouge" hit the charts.

Now you are probably asking yourselves... what's that got to do with you Fab? ;-) Yep, you're right. Well, I can't really tell you publicly... er... that should tell you something *lol*

Anyways, we knew the name of the band even before it was announced publicly, we had photographs, background information - we had everything. So the day the girls had their first press appearance, we went online with the TEARs community :)

Since then many things have happened. The record company even closed down the official TEARs homepage cos ours was so much better *g* So www.t-e-a-r-s.com is now the only official TEARs homepage. Let's drink to that, eh? ;-)

If you wanna find out more about the girls, come and visit our site. Unfortunately, it's only in german for the time being. But you can still check out those gorgeous girls ;-)

Winning Gold

Fab, Amy & Sunci

Before going onstage


TEARs invading our SHOE OfficeTEARs invading our SHOE Office

The girls invaded our SHOE Office ;-)

Update: TEARs have split up in December 2004. That's why we have also closed down the Community part of the website. You may still enjoy the official website with all the multimedia > www.t-e-a-r-s.com

Watch out for Amy and her solo project in 2008!