The "Army of High Heels" is the first Swiss Floor Show Cast of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Founded in 1996 by my girlfriend Sunci it is today the only known Cast in the world to actually get paid for our performances... God knows why LOL*

I started off as a Transylvanian. Nicely hiding in the background. I have now moved up to the glorious role of Dr. Everett Scott (uh). Whizzing around in a wheelchair is much harder than it looks. Once I nearly fell off the stage... ;-)

On the Swiss Rocky Horror Homepage you'll find all the infos about this cult movie.

The cast is made out of some very wonderful people. Click on their heads to see a close up of most cast members.

shoe-me isa markus roger momo janet urs nina brad sunci

Hünenberg, Switzerland - June 2000