Boy George & Co...

Yes... it's true. I used to be a Boy George fan.You can stop laughing now :-p *g*

I first noticed George on his very first german TV appearance. The show was called "Musikladen". He sang "Do you really want to hurt me" and I instantly fell in love with him. This was back in 1982!

I've been lucky enough to have met him a zillion times. I was a "doorstepper". I used to go to London every 2 month and sit in front of his house and wait for him. Sometimes  up to 13 hours - even in the winter!

George is a very kind and gentle person and I thank him for taking time (most of the time) for us lot. He used to come home and show us his shopping or bring back chocolate.
Or on my 20th birthday he was singing "Happy Birthday" to me under a tree -- it was pouring down with rain. Later we went to the same club and he called me over and gave me a kiss on my lips ;-)

Concerts were nerve racking. We HAD TO BE in the front row or else... So, once we sneaked in the backdoor and hid under the staircase. We watched George doing his soundcheck when all of a sudden his guitarist Glen sneaked under the curtain too --> TO SNOG HIS GIRLFRIEND!!!! He didn't know we were there hiding *g*

One of the best moments was at a gig in Brighton, England. I was in the front row (yeah I did it again) and during the concert George kneeled down in front of me and got me to sing "Karma Chameleon" with him!

So George, this one is for you! Thanks for everything. Still think you're brilliant even though your dress sense has drastically gone down the drain ;-)

Just a few photos from my collection. Do not reproduce them without my permission. Thanks.

georgies birthday  
Celebrating his birthday
before a tv show
Outside TV Studio
Hampstead 1989
george as a dj
George DJing
Paris, 1988
george in munich
Rehearsal for TV show
Munich, 1989
george in paris
DJing Paris
at an exhibition
at a gig
Brighton 1988
george smoking
shop assistance
Shop Assistant Day
London 1988

 singing karma chameleon
George & Fab singing "Karma Chameleon"
Brighton 1988

backstage pass
Backstage Pass
London 1988

george & fab
George and me
London, 1988
george and mc kinky  
George and MC Kinky
george & fab
George and me outside his house